The Differences Between Color Services

It is important for us; your stylists to educate you; our clients on the services we provide. So that when you come into the salon for your appointment, you are not disappointed to find out we are unable to provide you the service you requested because of a time restraint. The best way to avoid disappointment is by booking a free consultation. It takes 15-20 mins to discuss your thoughts, goals and priorities for your hair. All color options provide time for drying and styling only.

Root Touch Up/ Lightener Retouch

A typical root touch up would be a root regrowth of 1/4 to 1.” of regrowth. Time wise this can vary per person from anywhere to 3-8 weeks. Depending on color and texture of the hair, regrowth longer then 1” can result in banding therefore different steps need to be taken to cover the hair.

This is especially important when considering a Lightener Retouch. There are multiple ways to create banding with blondes. Heat from the scalp cant create a band, as well as the lightener simply touching any part of the previously lightened hair. A lightener retouch also requires toning, which takes long then a typical color retouch.

In the blonde services section there is an option to “add base color”, this is not the same as a regular root touch up option. This is a 15 min window for your stylist to add a base or root smudge to the blonde services. If this is all that is booked, your appointment will be declined.


Balayage is a technique, which lightener is painted on the ends of the hair and left in the open air, resulting in a sunkissed look. This technique typically enhances the natural color resulting in warmer tones.

Foilyage is also a technique similar to a balayge where lightener is still painted to the ends of the hair but then wrapped in foil. The foil incubates the lightener, resulting in a higher contrast blonde which can be toned. Time additions would be adding a root color.

We also offer an EXPRESS service, which touches up the blonde around the face and on the hairline only. This type of service takes a smaller appointment time, and gives the hair a quick refresh without the full procedure of lightening out retouching the full head. An express service between your full balayage/foilyage appointments help maintain depth levels which creates the dimension throughout the hair, wanting full blonde ends is not a balayage.

Highlights are when foils are used to bring lightener up right to scalp. Cost additions can depend on the amount of regrowth. Time additions would be adding a root smudge. In the blonde service selection there is an option to “add base color”. This is a 15 min window for your stylist to add a base or root smudge to the blonde services. This is not a root touch up; If this is all that is booked, your appointment will be declined.

Full Blonde/ Color Correction / Creative Color

Full Blonde. Okay you crazy kids coming in brunette, or previously highlighted bringing in your desires of a full blonde color in a couple hours, this also includes any color lighter then what you have right now. Take a seat. First seat, preferably being a consultation in our chair. Or even message your stylist explaining your situation and we can book the appointment. These babies take time and money to maintain which I will fully explain in another post. But in short, wanting to become a full blonde, is a COLOR CORRECTION, you might not necessarily consider your current color needing to be “corrected”, but you’re looking for a blank slate. Which most importantly requires TIME. This also includes the colors that are fully blonde and then have a baby root added. We both need to prepare a plan to get you there.

A color correction would be correcting unwanted or undesired tones in the hair. This can be a result of many factors, examples consist of a blonde’s hair turning green from chlorine. The minerals need to be removed by a speical process before the hair can be retoned or colored, which then would be followed up with a conditioning treatment. Those extra steps require time. Another example would simply be, turning chunky foils back into a blend balayage. A brown pulled to much red is another popular one. A Color correction can also be going from a really light blonde to dark. Blonde hair requires a “fill” color to prevent your desired dark color from being muddy or hollow. Which again, requires time.

A creative color would refer to the fun bright colors such as pink and blue. Your hair needs to be completely pale blonde and then dried for these colors to appear nice and bright. You should also still inform your stylist if this is what you are trying to achieve so they can have the right colors on hand.

For these options it is always best to book a free consultation.