Hair extensions are the most luxurious of salon services and over the years I have tried a few of the different types of extensions that are out there today; such as tape ins, micro loop, clips, halo and more recently the beaded weft. Choosing a method best suited for you can feel over whelming but it is as simple just to look at what factors your hair categorizes in as well as your personal life style.

Tape ins


  • Fastest and the easiest method of application. It takes approx 30-60 mins for a full application

  • Panels lay flat to the head and are virtually undetectable

  • The safest method of hair extensions available as the weigh of the panel is spread out over large sections

  • Reusable under proper maintenance, approx 8-12 months


  • In the first 24-48 hours after the application, you cannot wash or excessively sweat as the tapes need to time to adhere properly.

  • The panels are prone to slipping, when any type of silicone or oil based products are used near the adheasive. This includes excessive sweating.

  • Can sometimes leave a sticky residue from slipping

  • Limited space on the head


  • Reapplication varies on the person, but they tapes will need to be moved up 6-8 weeks

  • Cost of hair varies from supplier $500-700 should be about the average for 120 grams, cost can increase depending on how much hair you are desiring

  • Cost of application varies from stylist, the initial appointment to install is around $120, removal and reapplication will cost you around $250

Beaded Sew in


  • Slipping will not occur from product use

  • Still very lightweight

  • No glue residue

  • Easy to add more hair for more volume, by “stacking” wefts

  • Reusable with proper maintenance, approx 1 year


  • Application takes from an hour to an hour and a half depending on how many tracks

  • More Expensive


  • Reapplication varies on the person but should be moved up from 8-12 weeks

  • Cost of hair varies from $600-$1000, dependant on length and thickness, based on 120 grams, price will increase depending how much hair you are desiring

  • Cost for application varies from $150-400 depending on how many tracks you get

Clip-Ins / Halo


  • Easy to install and remove

  • Very versatile, you have the ability to change the look easily

  • Will last a long time with the right care

  • Very cost effective option - no expense to get them put in as you do that yourself


  • Can be heavy on finer hair textures

  • Clips could cause damage from pulling

  • (halo) Weight of halo can be heavy


  • Clean regularly compared to usage. If you wear them everyday, you will need to wash more frequently then if you only wore them for special occasions

  • Cost depends on quality you can pay anywhere from $200-600