Beauty Benefits Of A Silk Pillowcase

At this point in our lives; we are always talking about the newest facial treatments, the best skincare products, the newest diet that helped so and so with their breakouts, and how drinking more water helps with your complexion - but did you know that your pillowcase plays a key role in your hair and skin routine? We did the research and heres some of the reasons why investing in a silk pillowcase, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • Prevents frizz and helps split ends

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Helps with breakouts and extends your skin routine

  • Regulates temperature

  • Feels fabulous

Prevents frizz and helps split ends

Im sure most of you move around slightly when you are asleep. So with silk pillowcases, there is less friction caused from your head moving around then on your typical cotton case. The The short fibres on cotton can rub against the shaft of the hair creating unwanted damage, breakage or split ends. Less friction is a added benefit for everyone with hair extensions to. Less friction equals less pulling on the extensions which means smoother long lasting hair!


Regardless on how clean you are, there will always be dust. Silk happens to have a natural resistance to dust mites and allergrens. Easy as that, and if your allergies tend to act up like mine, a silk pillow case makes all the difference.

Helps with breakouts and extends your skin routine

Think of it this way. Whatever you put in your hair, most likely will end up on your pillow, therefore your face. Silk is less absorbent then cotton, so it is less likely to pick any up pore-clogging bacteria. On top of that we spend probably thousands of dollars in our life time on our skin care routine. Since silk is less absorbent, our moisturizer will spend more time on our face then being soaked up by our pillowcase

Regulates temperature

An added benefit for your skin is that silk is a natural heat regulator. It will maintain body temperature and does not conduct heat, or static electricity! A silk pillowcase then helps to retain heat on those cold Sask. nights and keep you cool on those toasty summer nights.

Feels Fabulous

Silk feels LUXURIOUS. Theres really no better feeling then crawling in to bed after a long day. So why not make your bed feel a little more FABULOUS by resting your head on a silky soft silk pillowcase. Just changing out your pillowcase will instantly make you feel like a million bucks. Atleast I did. My next step will be changing my sheets to silk to. **Insert heart eye emoji here**

So if you haven’t yet switched to a silk pillowcase! I would highly recommend you doing so now. XO