The Differences Between Color Services

It is important for us; your stylists to educate you; our clients on the services we provide. So that when you come into the salon for your appointment, you are not disappointed to find out we are unable to provide you the service you requested because of a time restraint. The best way to avoid disappointment is by booking a free consultation. It takes 15-20 mins to discuss your thoughts, goals and priorities for your hair. All color options provide time for drying and styling only.

Root Touch Up/ Lightener Retouch

A typical root touch up would be a root regrowth of 1/4 to 1.” of regrowth. Time wise this can vary per person from anywhere to 3-8 weeks. Depending on color and texture of the hair, regrowth longer then 1” can result in banding therefore different steps need to be taken to cover the hair.

This is especially important when considering a Lightener Retouch. There are multiple ways to create banding with blondes. Heat from the scalp cant create a band, as well as the lightener simply touching any part of the previously lightened hair. A lightener retouch also requires toning, which takes long then a typical color retouch.

In the blonde services section there is an option to “add base color”, this is not the same as a regular root touch up option. This is a 15 min window for your stylist to add a base or root smudge to the blonde services. If this is all that is booked, your appointment will be declined.


Balayage is a technique, which lightener is painted on the ends of the hair and left in the open air, resulting in a sunkissed look. This technique typically enhances the natural color resulting in warmer tones.

Foilyage is also a technique similar to a balayge where lightener is still painted to the ends of the hair but then wrapped in foil. The foil incubates the lightener, resulting in a higher contrast blonde which can be toned. Time additions would be adding a root color.

We also offer an EXPRESS service, which touches up the blonde around the face and on the hairline only. This type of service takes a smaller appointment time, and gives the hair a quick refresh without the full procedure of lightening out retouching the full head. An express service between your full balayage/foilyage appointments help maintain depth levels which creates the dimension throughout the hair, wanting full blonde ends is not a balayage.

Highlights are when foils are used to bring lightener up right to scalp. Cost additions can depend on the amount of regrowth. Time additions would be adding a root smudge. In the blonde service selection there is an option to “add base color”. This is a 15 min window for your stylist to add a base or root smudge to the blonde services. This is not a root touch up; If this is all that is booked, your appointment will be declined.

Full Blonde/ Color Correction / Creative Color

Full Blonde. Okay you crazy kids coming in brunette, or previously highlighted bringing in your desires of a full blonde color in a couple hours, this also includes any color lighter then what you have right now. Take a seat. First seat, preferably being a consultation in our chair. Or even message your stylist explaining your situation and we can book the appointment. These babies take time and money to maintain which I will fully explain in another post. But in short, wanting to become a full blonde, is a COLOR CORRECTION, you might not necessarily consider your current color needing to be “corrected”, but you’re looking for a blank slate. Which most importantly requires TIME. This also includes the colors that are fully blonde and then have a baby root added. We both need to prepare a plan to get you there.

A color correction would be correcting unwanted or undesired tones in the hair. This can be a result of many factors, examples consist of a blonde’s hair turning green from chlorine. The minerals need to be removed by a speical process before the hair can be retoned or colored, which then would be followed up with a conditioning treatment. Those extra steps require time. Another example would simply be, turning chunky foils back into a blend balayage. A brown pulled to much red is another popular one. A Color correction can also be going from a really light blonde to dark. Blonde hair requires a “fill” color to prevent your desired dark color from being muddy or hollow. Which again, requires time.

A creative color would refer to the fun bright colors such as pink and blue. Your hair needs to be completely pale blonde and then dried for these colors to appear nice and bright. You should also still inform your stylist if this is what you are trying to achieve so they can have the right colors on hand.

For these options it is always best to book a free consultation.


Hair extensions are the most luxurious of salon services and over the years I have tried a few of the different types of extensions that are out there today; such as tape ins, micro loop, clips, halo and more recently the beaded weft. Choosing a method best suited for you can feel over whelming but it is as simple just to look at what factors your hair categorizes in as well as your personal life style.

Tape ins


  • Fastest and the easiest method of application. It takes approx 30-60 mins for a full application

  • Panels lay flat to the head and are virtually undetectable

  • The safest method of hair extensions available as the weigh of the panel is spread out over large sections

  • Reusable under proper maintenance, approx 8-12 months


  • In the first 24-48 hours after the application, you cannot wash or excessively sweat as the tapes need to time to adhere properly.

  • The panels are prone to slipping, when any type of silicone or oil based products are used near the adheasive. This includes excessive sweating.

  • Can sometimes leave a sticky residue from slipping

  • Limited space on the head


  • Reapplication varies on the person, but they tapes will need to be moved up 6-8 weeks

  • Cost of hair varies from supplier $500-700 should be about the average for 120 grams, cost can increase depending on how much hair you are desiring

  • Cost of application varies from stylist, the initial appointment to install is around $120, removal and reapplication will cost you around $250

Beaded Sew in


  • Slipping will not occur from product use

  • Still very lightweight

  • No glue residue

  • Easy to add more hair for more volume, by “stacking” wefts

  • Reusable with proper maintenance, approx 1 year


  • Application takes from an hour to an hour and a half depending on how many tracks

  • More Expensive


  • Reapplication varies on the person but should be moved up from 8-12 weeks

  • Cost of hair varies from $600-$1000, dependant on length and thickness, based on 120 grams, price will increase depending how much hair you are desiring

  • Cost for application varies from $150-400 depending on how many tracks you get

Clip-Ins / Halo


  • Easy to install and remove

  • Very versatile, you have the ability to change the look easily

  • Will last a long time with the right care

  • Very cost effective option - no expense to get them put in as you do that yourself


  • Can be heavy on finer hair textures

  • Clips could cause damage from pulling

  • (halo) Weight of halo can be heavy


  • Clean regularly compared to usage. If you wear them everyday, you will need to wash more frequently then if you only wore them for special occasions

  • Cost depends on quality you can pay anywhere from $200-600

Beauty Benefits Of A Silk Pillowcase

At this point in our lives; we are always talking about the newest facial treatments, the best skincare products, the newest diet that helped so and so with their breakouts, and how drinking more water helps with your complexion - but did you know that your pillowcase plays a key role in your hair and skin routine? We did the research and heres some of the reasons why investing in a silk pillowcase, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • Prevents frizz and helps split ends

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Helps with breakouts and extends your skin routine

  • Regulates temperature

  • Feels fabulous

Prevents frizz and helps split ends

Im sure most of you move around slightly when you are asleep. So with silk pillowcases, there is less friction caused from your head moving around then on your typical cotton case. The The short fibres on cotton can rub against the shaft of the hair creating unwanted damage, breakage or split ends. Less friction is a added benefit for everyone with hair extensions to. Less friction equals less pulling on the extensions which means smoother long lasting hair!


Regardless on how clean you are, there will always be dust. Silk happens to have a natural resistance to dust mites and allergrens. Easy as that, and if your allergies tend to act up like mine, a silk pillow case makes all the difference.

Helps with breakouts and extends your skin routine

Think of it this way. Whatever you put in your hair, most likely will end up on your pillow, therefore your face. Silk is less absorbent then cotton, so it is less likely to pick any up pore-clogging bacteria. On top of that we spend probably thousands of dollars in our life time on our skin care routine. Since silk is less absorbent, our moisturizer will spend more time on our face then being soaked up by our pillowcase

Regulates temperature

An added benefit for your skin is that silk is a natural heat regulator. It will maintain body temperature and does not conduct heat, or static electricity! A silk pillowcase then helps to retain heat on those cold Sask. nights and keep you cool on those toasty summer nights.

Feels Fabulous

Silk feels LUXURIOUS. Theres really no better feeling then crawling in to bed after a long day. So why not make your bed feel a little more FABULOUS by resting your head on a silky soft silk pillowcase. Just changing out your pillowcase will instantly make you feel like a million bucks. Atleast I did. My next step will be changing my sheets to silk to. **Insert heart eye emoji here**

So if you haven’t yet switched to a silk pillowcase! I would highly recommend you doing so now. XO

5 Ways To Protect Your Hair This Winter

The winter elements can do a number on our hair. If we don’t take care of our hair during the winter, it can easily become flat, brittle, dry, static-ridden and damaged.

At Base Studio, we have seen it all. Our experienced and talented hairstylists have come up with the following 5 simple tips for you to protect your luscious locks this winter season.

• Dry Your Hair Correctly

• Wash Hair Less Often

• Hair Product Use

• Regular Haircuts

• Eat Well & Stay Hydrated  


Dry Your Hair Correctly

Limiting your use of hair tools such as hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons will prevent your hair from drying out during the winter. If you do use a hair dryer, use the cooler setting, and always use a heat-protector spray (Moroccan Oil Perfect Defense) as well as a leave-in conditioner (Milkshake Leave In or Fab Me) or Oil (Orofluido or R+Co Neon Lights). It’s important to ensure it’s completely dry before you go outside. Going outside with wet hair during the winter months can lead to breakage and cause your hair to be less pliable and full. The best way to dry your hair during the winter months, is to let your hair air dry naturally. This is the ultimate way to protect your hair from the lack of moisture in the air. Please remember when your hair is wet, it is also in its most vulnerable state and will be prone to stretching and breaking. Using a wide tooth comb and brushing out the ends first and working your way up is the best way to to comb through your hair.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

The lack of moisture in the air means dry hair and scalp. Washing your hair too frequently can strip the hair of its natural oils, making it more vulnerable to breakage, a dry and itchy scalp, and ultimately unhealthy, dull hair. Reduce how often you wash your hair and how often it gets wet as much as possible. Using a dry shampoo (R+Co Death Valley, Skyline, or Spiritualized) between washes is a great option to extend the time between washes. When you do wash your hair, use a mild shampoo, focus on the roots, use a conditioner, and avoid cleansing or clarifying shampoos if possible. You may also want to consider using a weekly deep conditioning mask. (Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Keratin Mask or Milkshake Integrity Treatment)

Hair Product Use

Your hair has a harder time retaining moisture during the winter, so using too many hair products will only cause your hair to dry out further, and this tends to create static. It’s essential to protect your hair, and the best way is to use moisturizing oils, hair masks and leave in conditioners. These products are designed to maintain, or restore, hair bounce and shine. 

Regular Haircuts and Trims

The harsh winter conditions are hard on our hair, and often causes the ends of our hair to become dry and brittle very easily. Split ends are actually far more common during the winter months, so it’s important to schedule regular haircuts.We typically recommend booking a hair appointment every 6-8 weeks. However, different hair requires different care. Keeping up with regular haircuts and trims will keep your hair healthy, reduce the risk of split ends and prevent hair stylists from needing to cut off too much!

Eat a Well Balanced Diet and Stay Hydrated  

Maintaining a well balanced and healthy diet and staying hydrated is always important, but it’s especially important for your hair during the winter months when it’s more susceptible to drying out. Eating a healthy diet full of vitamins is a great way to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Drinking plenty of water is the key to locking in hydration. In order to properly hydrate your hair, you need to stay hydrated.

At Base Studio we want to educate you on healthy hair practices, use products that reduces damage, and strive to keep your hair healthy looking all year long.